My name is Ryan Timms. I am a Video creator and Director of Photography located in North Carolina. I help write, produce, shoot, and edit video projects for all size businesses and organizations. I work mostly in Branded Content, Corporate video, Short Documentaries, and Commercial Production.


It all started when...

Since I was very young I was always obsessed with cameras, and, in particular, moving images. I would use my parents' video cameras to make movies with my toys. 

Fast forward to my teenage years. I got very heavily into rollerblading. Skating with my friends nearly every day naturally led me to want to film and share what we were doing. This was right at the beginning of YouTube when sharing videos finally became available to the masses. Posting videos online consumed me. I made a lot of weird stuff, some good, and a lot that was bad. However, this experimentation gave me so much experience and really taught me about what works and doesn't work in video.

In 2007, I won a Virginia statewide art competition in the video category. 


In 2008, I left my traditional high school for a vocational school where I took Television Communications and Productions for 2 years, focusing on studio and field production. During this time, I produced promotional content for the school to help increase enrollment. They used this video for 6 years and enrollment grew to over 100%.

Promotional video for Va Beach Tech Center 2009-2015. 


My final two years of high school I shot and edited a film with all of my best friends titled The Life of Ryan and Scott. This was a fully-produced film, running over 90 minutes with 45 minutes of bonus content. I marketed and sold this DVD online and sold over 200 copies. We rented a movie theater in my hometown and hosted a premiere for over 100 people.


After the release of this film, I was contacted by Rollerblading companies around the world, like Rollerblade, Razors, M1 Urethane, and Create Originals. These companies would send me free products in exchange for me to promote them across my social media channels and to create photos and videos they could use to promote their new products, in what is known today as "Influencer Marketing" and "Branded Content."

Sponsored Content piece for Razors Skate co. of San Diego, California. Created in 2013


Through the next several years, I experimented with lots of different editing styles, started a few mock companies, and posted a lot of stuff to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube,  all of which led me to my career in Marketing and Video Production.

Today, I produce videos for companies, big and small, helping them reach audiences all over the globe. 

Flagship video for the Research Triangle Park Foundation. Created in 2017


I have spent my life creating videos that help share ideas and tell stories with audiences around the world. I love nothing more than sharing something I have worked on with others. I never wavered from my passion and today get to share my knowledge with so many amazing and interesting people. 


If you made it this far, Thank you!! Shoot me an Email and tell me about your passion. Lets work together to make something awesome!